HLTAID005 Provide First Aid In Remote Situations

HLTAID005 Provide First Aid in Remote SituationsThe HLTAID005 Provide First Aid in Remote Situations course is designed to provide tyou with first aid skills and knowledge. You will learn to recognise an emergency and how to provide first aid care.  This first aid course replaces the old Senior First Aid and Apply First Aid courses.

Location: Perth, the Great Southern Region of Western Australia or onsite (corporates)
Course Components: E-learning element and practical training
Duration: 16 hours (2 day) + e-Learning
Cost: $195
Corporate bookings: Please contact us


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Course Overview

Provide First Aid

The HLTAID005 Provide First Aid in Remote Situations meets all the requirements set out by the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines to provide first aid. This first aid training course provides candidates with the skills to provide a first aid response to a casualty in remote country locations.

Who is this remote first aid course suitable for?

This first aid training course is aimed at individuals who may be required to provide first aid in locations beuond the reach of timely medical assistance.

HLTAID005 Provide First Aid in Remote Situations content will prepare you:

  • To respond to a remote emergency situation
  • Apply appropriate first aid procedures
  • Manage the remote emergency incident
  • Evaluate the incident and your own performance.


assessors delivering this course have a professional background as either Paramedics or Nurses.

1. Respond to a remote emergency situation 1.1 Plan for isolated travel or work if requred accounting for expected contingencies
1.2 Recognise an emergency situation
1.3 Identify, assess and manage immediate hazards to health and safety of self and others
1.4 Assess the casualty and recognise the need for first aid response
1.5 Assess the situation and evaluate options for medical assistance
2. Apply appropriate first aid procedures 2.1 Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in accordance with Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines
2.2 Provide first aid in accordance with established first aid principles
2.3 Display respectful behaviour towards casualty
2.4 Obtain consent from casualty where possible
2.5 Use available resources and equipment to make the casualty as comfortable as possible
2.6 Operate first aid equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions
2.7 Monitor the casualty’s condition and respond in accordance with first aid principles
3. Manage the incident 3.1 Seek assistance from others present to manage incident circumstances
3.2 Establish communication links with emergency resoonse services and convey incident details
3.3 Report details of casualty conditions, changes in condition, management and responses
3.4 Assist in the evacuation of teh casualty by following directions given by emergency response services as required
3.5 Maintain confidentiality of records and information in line with statutory and/or organisational policies
4. Evaluate the incident and own performance 4.1 Recognise the possible psychological impacts on self and other rescuers involved in critical incidents
4.2 Participate in debriefing to address individual needs

Our Trainers

Perth Training Institute proudly provides first aid training with experienced trainers. All trainers have experience in emergency medicine as ED nurses or Paramedics. Candidates are trained based on the real life experiences. A course guaranteed to satisfy both the veteran and rooky First Aid student.

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